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The difference between outdoor table and chair painting and dusting process


Painting and dusting are two completely different coating methods. 

Painting and dusting are two completely different coating methods. Spraying is the use of compressed air to disperse liquid paint (commonly known as paint) into paint mist. Particles adhere to the surface of the object to be coated.

But the powder is dispersed by the compressed air to the powder under the action of high-voltage static electricity, and the particles are adsorbed on the surface of the outdoor table and chair of the object by the electric field.

Introduction of powder electrostatic spraying technology

The correct name for dusting is electrostatic powder coating, which is not simple to use with a spray gun. The composition of the electrostatic powder spraying equipment is composed of a powder bucket (pulverized with compressed air), a high-voltage electrostatic generator, and an electrostatic powder gun. The types mainly include outdoor powder, and indoor powder. The indoor powder is mainly epoxy type, and the outdoor powder is mainly of polyester type. And paint is simply two things.

The paint is analyzed according to the polyurethane paint: the solid content of the paint is 40%, the cost of the paint is 50 yuan, and the spray can be sprayed with air spray: 6 square meters, about = 8 yuan / square, the primer is about 7 yuan / square; at least two The total cost of sub-spraying is about 15 yuan / square meter.
  The powder was analyzed by epoxy powder: spray thickness of about 60 um, solvent free 100% solids. (Can do 0 discharge, powder can be recycled) Powder coating cost 20 yuan / kg, 1kg powder can be sprayed 8 square meters, the total cost is about: 2.5 yuan / square meter, the powder needs to be cured, heat is needed, heating cost: 1 Yuan/square, but the large workpiece is the machine chassis, peripheral casing, electric box and other products, and the thickness is thicker, the heating cost is about 3 yuan / square meter, the total dusting cost: 5.5 yuan / square meter.

Other cost analysis:

Spray paint requires water curtain cabinet or dry spray booth, because 30-40% of the paint is wasted, this paint also needs to be treated, the processing cost is about 0.5 yuan / square meter, the utilization rate of powder is basically 100%, and the recovered gas Indoor discharge, no need to deal with the cost; the paint contains formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances, which is harmful to the workers, and the second spraying, adding a lot of manpower and material resources; the powdered workpiece: thick coating, It can cover up some traces that the paint can't do; and the coating is hard after the powder is cured, it is not easy to touch, and the machine equipment is more high-grade.

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