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2017 furniture industry consumption data report


In today's mobile Internet era, consumers are changing the front-end consumer demand, purchase model and influencing factors of furniture products. Fang Tianxia presents you with the 2017 Q1 furniture industry consumption data report, giving you insight into industry changes.

First, the crowd analysis

According to the survey data, female consumers are mostly, and their ages are mainly between 18-30 years old. Most of the furniture used now is purchased within 3 years. The respondents belong to several provinces, including first-tier cities, municipalities, and frontiers. The region is dominated by Guangdong, Hunan and Beijing.

Second, the consumption profile

1. Differences in attention at different age levels

After 70, the consumer group's attention to price is significantly higher than that of the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups; after 90s and 80s, the consumer groups are accustomed to understanding information through the Internet, so the attention to the product website is higher than that of the post-70s; In terms of physical stores, renderings, etc., the attention levels of different age groups are not much different.

2, get the furniture information channel comparison

In the era of mobile internet, consumers have more channels to understand furniture information. Overall, Internet channels account for 30%, and TV commercials, exhibition stores, newspapers and magazines occupy 23%, 20%, and 7% of the traditional information channels. Friends and family are also one of the channels for obtaining information, showing the necessity of communication between people in modern society at a rate of 17%.

3. Comparison of channels for purchasing furniture

Most consumers tend to get furniture information through the Internet. Today, when e-commerce is so developed, consumers are still buying online channels. 37% of consumers choose furniture stores, 32% of consumers choose hypermarkets and 10% choose to shop in department stores. Only 21% of consumers choose online stores.

4. Factors affecting consumers' purchase of furniture

In terms of factors affecting consumers' purchase of furniture, the price is low, and the discount factor is only 6%, while the green environmental protection and zero formaldehyde account for 31% of the total factors that affect consumers' purchase. The consumer concept of most consumers has changed, and more consideration is given to issues such as health and environmental protection.

5. The amount of consumption that is willing to accept when purchasing furniture

In terms of the amount of furniture consumed, 31% of consumers have consumed or are willing to spend 20,000-50,000 yuan to buy furniture.

6, solid wood furniture is popular with the public

Contemporary consumers buy furniture that is not as simple as sleeping and placing objects. Furniture has become a culture that reflects the owner's unique taste and aesthetic appeal. The furniture products on the market are difficult to distinguish in terms of plate, style and durability, but among them, solid wood furniture is popular among consumers.

7, modern minimalist style is popular with consumers

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly diversified in furniture styles. Among the many furniture styles, 38% of consumers say that they prefer modern minimalist style furniture at this stage. From this point of view, simple homes are popular with people, and the consumption width is increasing. enlarge.

Third, personalized needs

1. The functions of combination, personalization, matching, and integrity of customized furniture are well received by consumers at 24%, 19%, 17%, and 16% respectively.

2. In terms of the reasons for choosing custom furniture, 42% of consumers believe that custom furniture can make more reasonable use of home space.

3, 49% of consumers will buy a combination of multiple brands when buying furniture.

4, IKEA furniture, Sofia, federal furniture and other brands have attracted the attention of consumers.

Fourth, trend analysis

1. Whole house customization is a new direction for future development

With the change of human consumption concept, the custom furniture market has broad prospects. Throughout the furniture industry in recent years, entrepreneurs are exploring the value of the whole house customization field, and the whole house is full of eye-catching. Customized furniture will continue to be a sub-sector of growth in the furniture industry. According to the data, it will maintain an annual growth rate of more than 18% in the future. By 2020, the market size will reach 160.6 billion yuan.

2, environmental issues have received much attention, low aldehyde furniture has a market

In recent years, environmental problems such as ecological deterioration and smog have become increasingly serious. Environmental protection has become a hot topic for everyone. This topic has also triggered consumer concerns about environmentally friendly furniture. According to the survey data, consumers pay great attention to the environmental protection of products when they purchase. Especially for furniture products, 31% of consumers regard environmental protection as the primary standard.

3, the rise of the middle class, high-end furniture is eye-catching

According to relevant reports, 76% of Chinese urban households will reach the income level of middle-class people by 2022, and this proportion was only 4% in 2000. The fast-rising middle-class population will inject sustained momentum into China's economic growth. The rise of middle-class people, high consumption has increased, and the volume of luxury homes has also increased significantly. More consumers are putting money into the furniture market.

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