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Three major uses of outdoor furniture


With the development of China's economy, people's material living conditions have improved. Outdoor furniture that was once seen only on TV screens is now coming into our lives. According to the occasions of outdoor furniture placement, it can be divided into three categories: one is commercial, the other is leisure, and the third is private users.
First, commercial, mainly refers to the user's external furniture to reflect the company's abstract and publicity of the company's products, such as sun umbrellas, folding tables and chairs, awnings, plastic beer tables, etc., are typical representatives of commercial outdoor furniture. In order to play a role in propaganda, these outdoor furniture will generally be printed with a logo, which serves as a confession through uninterrupted outdoor display.
Second, casual users' furniture is a big market in big cities. Various cafes, bars, restaurants, wedding photography and other places are using various styles of outdoor furniture to enhance the casual atmosphere. Therefore, in the sales of outdoor furniture, special care should be taken for such customer groups. First, they are the forerunners to follow the trend of leisure. When there are new styles of outdoor furniture, they will follow the trend, eliminate the old-fashioned, introduce new styles; second, their sales are high-volume, this, to You can see it on the bar street in Sanlitun and Houhai. These customers need to give them timely information about new products and feed their eyes and brains in a timely manner. This is a group of buyers scattered in every corner of the city. Their characteristics are distributed, demanding and potential. If you realize that the terminal of outdoor furniture service is a person rather than a legal person, I think there will be people who will oscillate, and they will put the long-term perspective of the buying group on the individual.

Third, leisure. The difference between leisure and commercial is that they generally do not print advertisements on outdoor furniture. The main purpose of using outdoor furniture is to be comfortable and casual, usually in a leisure place. When the villas began to build around the circle of the big city, when the rich were competing for comparison, their back gardens could not stand the silence and put on parasols and outdoor leisure tables and chairs. And swings, swing chairs, shakers, etc. will also keep up with the times to wait for their position.

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