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Wooden furniture consumption guide


1. Consumers should pay attention to the product appearance logo and inspection report when purchasing furniture. At the same time, ask the main materials and process conditions and indicate in the valid documents (invoice), and ask for instructions. The “Furniture User's Guide” is an important accessory product that merchants must provide to consumers. The national compulsory standard GB 5296.6-2004 "Consumer Goods Instructions for Use Part 6 Furniture" stipulates that the furniture sold by the merchant must be equipped with instructions for use. The booklet for the use of the furniture should clearly state the use of the furniture, the applicable environment, and indicate the materials used and the actual paint. The release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and lead or radioactive control indicators are the basis for consumers to purchase goods, and they are the basis for future rights protection.


   2. National standard for wood furniture GB/T 3324-2008 "General technical conditions for wooden furniture" for "solid wood furniture", "wooden panel furniture", "comprehensive wood furniture", "all solid wood furniture", "solid wood furniture" And "solid wood veneer furniture" has a clear and specific definition. Consumers should pay special attention to the purchase of furniture, and ask that the furniture they purchased is the kind of furniture. Must be taken seriously, improve the awareness of self-protection, prevent businesses from ambiguity, and get away with it.

     3, smell the smell, contrast good and bad. By comparing the size of the odor, to distinguish the quality. Open the drawer or cabinet door, by smelling whether there is pungent odor, if you can smell a strong irritating smell, it indicates that the furniture formaldehyde or other volatile harmful substances may exceed the standard, the quality of the product, the harmful substance limit control is better.

     4, pay attention to furniture technology. Whether the furniture connection is firm, whether the trimming is smooth and smooth, and whether the end face of the visible part at the lower edge of the component side panel, door panel, drawer panel, etc. has edge sealing treatment. The opening and closing parts should be flexible and can not be stuck.

   Possible hazards from non-conforming items:

     1, instructions for use, material requirements: can not correctly guide consumers to use furniture, and even mislead the material of the main materials of furniture, so that consumers are deceived.

     2, woodworking requirements, stability: mainly due to the use of poor quality hardware and plates, plates without edge sealing and the installation of various accessories, connectors do not meet the requirements, will affect the use of furniture and service life.

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