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Can "Internet +" bring furniture companies to "fly"?


This year, the government work report of the two associations put forward the concept of "Internet +" - "Developing the 'Internet +' action plan to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and modern manufacturing, and promote e-commerce and industrial Internet. And the healthy development of Internet finance, guiding Internet companies to expand the international market." For a time, the Internet has been pushed to the forefront, many people have begun to ride the Internet, and want to "fly" on this cusp.


Although, in the past few years, since the rise of e-commerce, many furniture industries have begun to use the Internet for retail, e-commerce and so on. However, these practices are simply upgrading the traditional home furnishing industry and are not a subversion of the traditional home furnishing industry. Even so, there are still many people in the home business, and they began to use the wings of the Internet to start a transformational battle.

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