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The design concept of outdoor furniture(Part Two)


Harmonious design concept

For outdoor furniture, the harmonious design concept is not a simple creation that people recognize, it is related to the relationship between people, outdoor furniture and the environment. That is the issue of coordination and balance. The concrete embodiment of the harmonious design of outdoor furniture can be divided into the following three points:

(1) Coordination with outdoor furniture. The people in the park have old people, young people, women, children, pregnant women, and disabled people. They have different behaviors and living habits. If there are habits, there are right hands, and some people are born with left hands. These people have significant differences in behavioral characteristics when using outdoor furniture. People with disabilities are vulnerable groups, and they need more care. Therefore, the design of outdoor furniture should consider the psychological characteristics of these people in order to serve the people more broadly and be accepted by the public. For example, the height of the trash can, the width of the disabled passage, the length of the seat, etc. must conform to the principles of ergonomics and aesthetics.

(2) Coordination of outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture. The coordination of outdoor furniture itself is internal coordination. In terms of outdoor seating, whether the chair body and the back of the chair, the headrest and the back, the inclination of the branches are suitable. There are also color matching and scale factors. This is followed by coordination between outdoor furniture and other types, such as kiosks and galleries, trash cans and signage, and coordination between lamps and walls.

(3) Coordination of outdoor furniture and the environment. The environment here refers to the natural environment and the social environment. The coordination of the natural environment focuses on the vision of sustainable development. Outdoor furniture is a medium for direct dialogue between man and nature, and can coordinate the relationship between people and the environment. For example, Huizhou architecture uses black, white and gray as the unified color. When designing outdoor furniture, you must consider it and the overall architectural style. Ancient literati like to write poems, sculptures, paintings, etc. on outdoor furniture. In fact, they express a kind of cultural connotation and show their individuality. We should see the story behind it for these cultural outdoor furniture.

In short, the harmonious design concept of outdoor furniture is a systematic work of combining various disciplines, and it is the product of the combination of human-outdoor furniture and environment. The three are indispensable. These three combinations are contradictory and complementary, relatively independent and inseparable.