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The design concept of outdoor furniture


The design concept of outdoor furniture(Part one)

Outdoor furniture exists in people's daily life, and its design concept is bred in the development of social culture, with material, spiritual and social. Materiality reflects its existence value and practical value. The spiritual embodiment reflects people's value orientation and aesthetic taste. The social characteristics such as decorative techniques and style characteristics are inseparable from various social norms or organizations, and the architectural environment. Together with the indoor small environment, the spiritual contents such as hierarchy, religious beliefs and humanistic thoughts are embodied in certain social institutions and social groups. The following is a discussion of outdoor furniture design concepts from two aspects of emotion and harmony.

Emotional design concept

The emotions of outdoor furniture are created through various elements, such as the use of red color to create a warm atmosphere, a variety of unique shapes to express a sense of humor, through the decorative patterns to show the cultural heritage. In short, outdoor furniture serves people through various elements, allowing people to enjoy spiritual pleasure while playing, thus achieving educational and entertaining. However, the realization of the collision between the heart and the object is a dialogue between the person and the outdoor furniture, evoking the inner feelings of the people and gaining a sense of identity in the soul. The emotional design elements of outdoor furniture include color emotions, texture emotions, modeling emotions, decorative emotions and spatial emotions.

(1) Color emotions. The colors in life are everywhere. The colors of outdoor furniture are divided into natural colors (natural colors) and artificial colors. Outdoor furniture is intuitive in color and has a strong visual impact. Although there is no emotion for color itself, the coordination and matching of different colors can form a variety of emotions and sentiments, giving visitors different inner feelings. For example, green symbolizes nature and conveys a pure inner experience; black stands for calmness and gives people a sense of security; red stands for joy and gives people joy and joy; blue symbolizes deepness and gives people profoundness. The right color combination gives the viewer a pleasant inner feeling, while the opposite color can have a negative impact.

(2) Texture and emotion. Texture refers to the material and quality of an item. Different textures give people a sense of truth and transparency, crystal and transparency, joy and sadness. For example, wood gives people a sense of warmth, metal gives people a sense of dignity, glass gives people a crystal clear sense, sandstone gives people a simple and long-lasting experience. The texture of outdoor furniture is divided into two types. One is the tactile sensation. This is a direct touch with the human body. The thickness and hardness, hot and cold, and lightness can be truly experienced. Secondly, the visual experience. It is related to people's life experience, and it takes a long time to accumulate to perceive.

(3) Styling emotions. The shape of the outdoor furniture is formed by its form, that is, through the three-dimensional space of points, lines and faces. For example, the straight movement and spatial composition of the line can express all the shapes of furniture, and express emotion and beauty, momentum and strength, personality and style. The geometric curve gives people a sense of reason and clarity. The essence of morphological design is to shape the changing form from the basic form. New things and new thinking are born with the development of society. The novel and unique outdoor furniture always makes people feel different inner feelings. On the contrary, mediocre outdoor furniture gives a sense of dullness and even disgust. Gradually develop creative thinking skills in their subtle play. In addition, the shape of outdoor furniture also has a certain style, forming the characteristics of different cultural heritage. For example, European-style outdoor furniture has a bright color scheme as the main color, and the whitening treatment of outdoor furniture can make the furniture show classical beauty. The land there is fertile and presents a thriving scene, relying on the matching of red, yellow and blue.

(4) Decorative emotions. Outdoor furniture has an indispensable construction in the environmental space, such as pillars, walls, seating surfaces, etc., which need to be beautified to form a perfect outdoor environment visually. And beautification is inseparable from decoration, and decoration refers to the method of artistic processing of daily necessities or living environment. Decoration is an aspect of human instinct and a manifestation of self-spirit. The decoration of outdoor furniture includes functional decoration, artistic decoration such as carving, inlay and painted flowers and other cultural decorations. Decorative emotions can be combined with materials, colors, textures and patterns. In terms of material performance, ceramics symbolizes elegance and elegance; glass classifies purity and transparency; wood class symbolizes warmth and nature; metal class symbolizes toughness and coldness; plastics symbolizes softness and kindness, green symbolizes harmony With nature and so on. In addition, the emotional decoration of outdoor furniture is often combined with green plants.

(5) Spatial emotions. Design is the return to space, color, design. This shows how important space is to design. The space is divided into a single space and a combined space. There are also three divisions of virtual and real space, dynamic and static space and open and closed space. Outdoor furniture is an open space in the performance of a single space, conveying a feeling of far-reaching and open-minded, and the combined space is often a private and independent interior space, giving people a sense of security and cramped Sense, the space of outdoor furniture is grasped by its relationship with scale. The best reference is the human scale, because outdoor furniture is used by people, and its scale is based on the human scale. It is necessary to comprehensively understand and analyze the overall harmonious relationship between people and outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture and architecture, and outdoor furniture and the environment. Under the guidance of the principles of aesthetics, rational layout and precise division create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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