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The importance of awnings to buildings and the environment


  Awnings are increasingly being built into various construction sites, becoming an indispensable building product, and playing a role in promoting people's living standards. They are one of the most impressive architectural designs. With the wide use of awnings, the design of the awnings came into being.
  The awning has a comprehensive external shading function, which can completely block the ultraviolet radiation and reduce the temperature;
The awning has energy-saving effects, and the awning is of great significance in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection.
The design factors of the awning are usually affected by the following factors.
Location. Due to the geographical location, the choice of the base of the awning is a particularly important level. This aspect fundamentally determines the stable performance of the overall structure of the awning, and determines whether it is safe and secure.
Material selection. The material of the awning can be selected in a variety of ways. If it is a canvas awning, it is often necessary to consider the design factors. If the sun awning awning, it is necessary to invest a greater proportion of attention in the design of the plate or the main structure to design the product. Good material design choices are also essential ingredients.
OK. The design of the awning must be a green, healthy and environmentally friendly profile or sheet because it must be scientifically related to the construction of the ecological environment. Promote ecological development without affecting the environment.
The design factors of the awning are influenced by the geographical location, material selection and ecological construction.