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Difference between PE vine and PVC vine and true vine


1, PE rattan: polyethylene
Specific gravity: 0.94---0.96g∕cm3, molding shrinkage: 1.5-3.6%, molding temperature: 140-220.
Features: excellent corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation), can be chlorinated chemical cross-linking, radiation cross-linking modification, can be reinforced with glass fiber. Low-pressure polyethylene has high melting point, rigidity, hardness and strength, low water absorption, good electrical properties and radiation resistance. The high-pressure polyethylene has good flexibility, elongation, impact strength and permeability, and the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has high impact, fatigue resistance and wear resistance. (can be cleaned directly with a brush or vacuum cleaner)

2, PVC: polyvinyl chloride
Specific gravity: 1.38g∕cm3, molding shrinkage: 0.6-1.5%, molding temperature: 160-190.
Features: excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, good chemical stability, but low softening point, suitable for making thin plates, wire and cable insulation and seals.
3, Pvc itself is non-toxic, but lead in the production process, and lead is toxic. PE does not add excipients during the production process, so PE is non-toxic.
4, the real vine cost is more expensive, and easy to mold, long worms, poor maintenance and maintenance.