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Is the traditional first-fit furniture correct?


First renovation or first buy furniture? This problem has caused many owners to be very entangled. Traditional decoration is to buy furniture after renovation, but now the voice of decoration after the furniture is getting higher and higher, then, which one is correct?

First, buy furniture after renovation

The traditional home improvement practice is to buy furniture after renovation. After the owner gets the house, he first asks the workers to carry out hydropower transformation, brush the wall and tile the bricks. After the project is over, he will choose the furniture.

The decoration is fixed first, and the furniture often does not match the reserved space, and the space cannot be utilized to the utmost.

Second, the first set of furniture after renovation

The pre-determined furniture is conducive to ensuring the design of the decoration style coordinated with it, so as to ensure the harmony and uniformity of the furniture and the overall decoration style. After the selection of furniture, the basic pattern of the living room has been roughly determined, and most of the decoration company needs to do basic engineering, which can avoid many unnecessary additions.

A complete design should be the use of materials, color matching, furniture selection and placement, lighting configuration, jewelry display, decoration embellishment, structure division, layout arrangement, style selection. Let me talk about the proportion of furniture in the room:

Getting started: Shoe cabinet

Living room: sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, corner cabinet, jewelry table

Restaurant: dining table, dining chair, wine cabinet

Bedroom: bed, bedside table, large closet, dressing table, TV cabinet

Balcony: lounge chair, leisure table, locker

Study room: desk, bookcase, chair


As can be seen from the above furniture distribution, the proportion of furniture in the overall style of home design and decoration should be 70%. It can also be said that furniture is the overall design of the leading home improvement. So the style of the whole "home", the choice of furniture is the key!

     After the renovation, the furniture is not started after the furniture is bought. Instead, the furniture style, color, size and price are set before the start of the work, and then the designer can carry out other designs according to the custom furniture, such as the color of the wall and the floor. Patterns, tile paving, etc.