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Solid wood furniture ushered in mature golden period


     Some people in the furniture industry are happy, and some furniture companies and dealers have closed down. They have encountered operational difficulties. On the other hand, some home furnishing and distribution companies have been listed. Some insiders believe that the current situation of "closing down" and "listing" will force the traditional furniture enterprises to accelerate the transformation. In 2016, the furniture industry has entered the adjustment period. In 2017 or entering the mature period, the solid wood furniture industry will usher in the golden ten. year!

     In 2016, the total output value of Chinese furniture will exceed 1.3 trillion yuan. At present, China's furniture production capacity has occupied 25% of the world's total, making it the first furniture manufacturing country. By the end of 2014, the total output value of China's furniture industry has reached 1.200 billion yuan, according to the average growth rate of 15% to 20% in the past three decades. By the end of 2016, the total output value of China's furniture industry will exceed 1.30 billion yuan. “Cold and cold handover” will prompt furniture companies to accelerate the transformation in the process of change.

     According to the data of the market research and analysis report of the solid wood furniture industry, the output value of the solid wood furniture industry reached 32 billion yuan in 2006, more than 40 billion yuan in 2007 and 50 billion yuan in 2008. In 2009, affected by the global financial crisis, the development of many industries showed a different degree of decline, and the solid wood furniture industry was independent, still maintaining a growth rate of 30%, the output value exceeded 60 billion yuan, and in 2010 it exceeded 700 billion yuan.

    Nowadays, according to a survey, 66% of consumers used “material” as an important reference factor in the selection of furniture. In recent years, solid wood furniture has won the favor of many consumers with its environmentally friendly and natural characteristics, along with the economy. The development of the country and the cultural rejuvenation of the Chinese will drive the rapid sales of new Chinese furniture with Chinese culture, while furniture accounts for more than 30% of the indoor space. According to this research and survey results, the solid wood furniture market will be huge and powerful. Market demand will drive the rapid development of China's solid wood furniture production。

The development trend of modern Chinese solid wood furniture

The polarization of style and style, namely plate and neoclassical

The similarity between the two is that they all pursue a modern sense of design, and their attributes are modern; the difference between the two lies in cultural appeals, manufacturing precision and process requirements, which determine the difference in their market hierarchy, but Both belong to a kind of filling of the market gap.

Material use tends to be diversified

The expressiveness of a single material of solid wood furniture is always limited. The external manifestation of cultural connotation requires a multi-level visual effect. The diversified use of materials is the only way for the development of solid wood furniture.

Crowd orientation tends to be younger

The age group of the consumer groups is getting lower and lower, showing a trend of rejuvenation. The purchasing power of young consumers is increasing year by year, and their market potential and market share will continue to expand.

Solid wood custom furniture has become the mainstream of the market


In the next ten years, after 80s and 90s, it will become the main force of consumption in the home furnishing industry. Along with the change of consumption concept, this new generation of consumer groups pay more attention to individualized needs when selecting furniture, which brings development opportunities for solid wood custom homes. More and more solid wood furniture companies are beginning to provide customized services for consumers. . According to statistics, the proportion of custom furniture in the furniture industry has reached 40%, and furniture customization has become the highlight of the future development of the industry.

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