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The rise of the new middle class Customized home consumption into the mainstream


With the continuous improvement of consumption levels after the 1980s and 1990s, they will gradually become the main consumers of the new middle class. This is a group of young people with new ideas, good education, and a high quality of life. The shift in their consumption patterns will force the home industry to make a new round of changes. Unification of international home is no exception, and immediately launched a series of quality furniture suitable for the new middle class, so that the new consumer groups have more choices.

Nowadays, the "China's first-tier cities middle-class home lifestyle trends report" shows that the rise of the new middle class will set off new home consumption trends from personality, health, brand, channel and other dimensions. Especially after the 80s, 90s, home consumption, more inclined to personalized home customization. They like to buy products that suit them, rather than popular ones, during the consumption process. Therefore, custom homes are getting more and more attention. According to the consumption pattern of the new middle class, the unified furniture has introduced two forms of solid wood custom-made custom and plate-type whole house customization. According to Ding Houjun, general manager of the whole house of the unified home, the living environment in China is quite special. From the trend of real estate developers exiting the zero-first period, the small-sized apartment will become the mainstream. The new functionalism is the ultimate use of space. The whole house custom products of the unified furniture have basically achieved full coverage, and can provide consumers with comprehensive home enjoyment in a limited space. It can be seen that the product positioning of Unification International Home is no longer limited to large-sized households and high-income people. Instead, it is far-sighted, sees more middle-class consumer demand, and strives to maximize space utilization for consumers. The home way offers more possibilities and strives to provide the most personalized customization for all levels of consumers.

  From the post-80s and post-90s consumption trends, in addition to personalized customization, they also like to buy some minimalist style of home products, such as Nordic style, MUJI style, simple style. The furniture of the new middle class fits the consumer demand of the new middle class. For the consumers who like the Nordic style, they have launched the "Small Nordic" series of furniture products. They are simple and natural as the main design concept and advocate a return to nature. They are suitable for small and medium-sized apartments. , like the minimalist urban elite.

      For consumers who like simple style, Unification International Home also launched the "New Jane Beauty" series of furniture products, and the fresh style changed the style of American luxury and retro. In this regard, the development of the unified international home "New Jane" designer said in an interview: "The new "Janemei" product positioning people are individual, changeable young people, this time on the grassroots of American furniture has been re-created Positioning design, no carving, all decorated with exquisite lines, and embellished with Chinese elements to create a simple, casual life concept, to provide a relaxed and comfortable living atmosphere for busy people. "According to the author, the unified furniture in In the 18-year home history, we constantly upgrade our product structure, enrich our product types, and strive to meet the different needs of consumers of all ages and provide them with more high-quality products.

       The rise of the new middle class means a gradual transformation of the consumption structure. More high-quality, modern consumer demand is in urgent need of satisfaction. This requires the home industry to pay more attention to individualization, environmental protection, and minimalism in the process of product development. Style development. Unicom International Home has always been based on the actual needs of consumers, and will continue to introduce new modern minimalist furniture to provide consumers with the most intimate and most suitable type of furniture to meet the various needs of consumers.

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